Somewhere on the road to Compostela

(The best road to be lonely on)

Something on

Strange fellow

Nothing on

Remembering home

(The best place for shellshock)

Going on

Strange fellow


Science Refuted

Krant, Lezen, Informatie, Nieuws


He folded news and reading glasses

Tidy  and neat

And pretty damn sure

That they had kissed before.

In this universe that shouldn’t exist

He had felt Helena’s lips.


Tired he leaned back

Trying to grasp the math

Na,’ he said:

Believing we did once met

Is by far the safer bet.’


He closed his eyes

And  wished some more

As he had done squared times before.








Lesser Years


Children of  these lesser years

Growing up with enemies

and heroes made of make-believe

Nothing  really to achieve

Growing cold in hate and fear

And hardly something to hold dear.


Some of the old  are still around

Longing for some long lost warmth.


Hoping to be found

Willing to change

And dying to say:

Never, never, never,

Never again!


inspired by: Rockin’ In The Free World, Neil Young, 1989