18/02/2017 Earthquake early warning for Würzburg, Bayern, Germany.

We, from Bizar Discobar, feel it is very important to send out this warning, for everybody living in the vicinity of Würzburg, Bayern.

Somewhere around 5 O’Clock, early evening, chances are that the earth will be moving on a scale seldom seen in the region of Bayern. We are talking 6 + on the Richter magnitude scale. It’s gonna be huge!

However, we can not stress this enough: you are in no immediate danger… Trump hasn’t lost his briefcase with the nuclear codes (not yet, anyway)…

The earth tremors will be caused by the best ever belgian metalband Ostrogoth playing a very special “Ecstasy And Danger/Full Moons Eyes Show” at Metal Assault VII-festival.

Other great bands will be there to: Artillery, Helstar, Nasty Savage, and even more….