Feliz Navidad 2032


Christmas Eve 2032

Somewhere in Spain

The room is warm

With colorful light

And chants of joy


Outside the faintest of rain

Clears what’s left of the day.

But out of sight

In a gloomy corner

Sits daddy Rajoy


Allone in his typical way


Trying to remember

Trying to forget

Why no visitor came in just yet


Why, why, why!

I did no harm.



The nurses know

And the caretakers know

And all the elderly know


Fathers who beat up their kids

For no good reason at all

Always end up all alone

Somewhere in a dreary corner

Of the retirement home











Catch 11 (for Evy)


I tried

In the pale light of  a silver moon

(With matches and fire

Shavings and wood)

To act skillful  and cool


I tried

My hardest

Overlooking you


Why you stood there

Eyes up to heaven

Catch eleven


I tried

But you were there

And you were you


Inspired by: Catch, The Cure, 1987

Still Magic


There’s quite a few by now

And  quite a few

Of them

Are mine

Thin meandering lines

Carefully chiseled

Right around  her eyes


Regrets I have

So many by now

And still…

Still she says

She’s mine

Inspired by: Still Magic, Peter Skellern, 1980


Er zijn er

Nogal wat

En nogal wat

Komen door mij

Dunne meanderende lijnen

Voorzichtig gebeiteld

Rond haar ogen



Loert altijd om de hoek

En toch…

Toch zegt ze

Dat ze nog steeds geen ander zoekt

Lesser Years


Children of  these lesser years

Growing up with enemies

and heroes made of make-believe

Nothing  really to achieve

Growing cold in hate and fear

And hardly something to hold dear.


Some of the old  are still around

Longing for some long lost warmth.


Hoping to be found

Willing to change

And dying to say:

Never, never, never,

Never again!


inspired by: Rockin’ In The Free World, Neil Young, 1989


Shake the Disease



Another me

Speaking firm and warm

In a widely spoken tongue



Another you





Just a little longer

Supposing we’ll be fine

(for M and S)




Een andere ik

Vastberaden en warm sprekend

De woorden die je zo graag wil horen



Een andere jij



Stel je voor


Nog heel even

Veronderstellend dat het goed komt

(voor M en  S)



inspired by:  Shake the Disease, Depeche Mode, 29 April 1985