Somewhere on the road to Compostela

(The best road to be lonely on)

Something on

Strange fellow

Nothing on

Remembering home

(The best place for shellshock)

Going on

Strange fellow




In de schaduw van je slaap

Schrijf ik je naam onder de nacht

Naast dromen

Waartegen ik niks vermag

(Zijn ze naar?

Of net heel zacht?)

Ik trek de wacht op

En strijk letters

Uit plooien van de dag

Even hou ik de woorden vast






















I’ll take a thread from your hair

(and then another one)

I’ll scratch an eye from your stare

(and then the other one)

A lip from your smile

(and then I’ll leave it like that for a while)

Some fingers from your gentle touch

But not too much

(like carefully deconstructing George)

To Josephine


The world seems large right now

I Know

With those stars so far away

And that silvery moon

But one day

They will seem small

Those cardboard people

And this small town


Someday soon

But not just yet

First come fairy tales

Princes and whales

Bruises and stitches

Unicorns and witches

And rainbow of ice cream

To help you with that

















Other Voices

Mrs. Dorothee plays piano in the garden

And all the children know the truth

Plants and things have feelings too.


It’s quiet ok to touch the grass,

professor Vogel says.

Just tread softly and listen hard

Keep your head close to your heart

And do not fart. Please,

Don’t fart.


All of this is true you know

Leonard Nimoy told me so

A long long time ago.