Munich Room 84


A dress,


A necklace,


Some here,

Some over there


And underwear

Like a trail of breadcrumbs

To bodies

Warm and unaware

inspired by Wiser, Buffalo Tom 1998

Poem About April


I worry a lot

About things

I tend to worry about

About writing words

And in particular

About how to make them rhyme

With a peculiar state of mind

About winter and spring

And April somewhere in between

inspired by April And JuneThe Sands 1995

Help Me Make It Through the Night


Gladys Knight (1969).jpg Bron:wikipedia


I took that ribbon from the ground

Still around

Sometimes lost and sometimes found

Still life of a friendly ghost

In a drawer somewhere



So many great versions of this song, but I like this tender and heartfelt one the most:

Inspired by:

Gladys Knight,  Help Me Make It Through the Night