Out of office messages from a fairy tale comber (9)


The out of office messages from my good friend and fairy tale comber Jan-Loic Capricciosa are so exciting that I just have to share them.



December 26th

Ahoi children, and the parents as well I suppose,

I’m not here...

And my friend, Daku, the eldest amongst fairy tale combers, still knows how to throw a party.

Four days  on end we drank loads of sand water, four days on end we filled our bellies with soft-boiled stone taters and blackened pillars of salt, topped off with a dessert of hot roots on a bed of simmering coal.

Personally, I prefer pizza, but a plate of soft-boiled stone taters is also delicious.

Four days on end we didn’t take of our chain armour before the break of day, and not before early daylight  we raised our swords.

‘The point of my sword is where we meet if you dare touch the tales on which I sleep!’

Yep, that is how we, fairy tale combers, go to sleep. We shout it out loud three times and then we thrust our swords in the floor beneath our feet or the ceiling above. Just so the fairy tale thieves know we mean business when we say those things. We really do!

‘Good night, Daku.’

‘Sweet dreams, Jan-Loic.’

‘Sleep tight , everyone.’

Luckily someone said everyone, because we are here with twenty-four fairy tale combers, in this cosy sleeping hall filled with stone tablets, books and parchment.

Tomorrow we are headed for the annual fairy tale combers gathering. With fairy tales becoming increasingly scarce we need to think about the age of a fairy tale. When does a tale becomes fairy?

Does it always have to be once upon a time or long ago? Or is it possible to start a fairy tale with not so long ago, or recently?

What do you think?

I’m not really sure about it myself. I need to sleep on it. But my gut feeling tells me that once upon a time is a long time. Maybe to long. Sometimes I get nightmares and feverish dreams, thinking about the tales I forgot whilst waiting for long ago.

‘Sleep tight!’

‘Jan-Loic, just shut up will you!’


‘Jan-Loic, shut up!’

I better be quiet now.

Until then! Or like they say in Mangodouro: MBDKQavaTsjie Kdatta!

Jan-Loic Capricciosa

(Ps: The key is under the mat!)

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