Out of office messages from a fairy tale comber (4)


The out of office messages from my good friend and fairy tale comber Jan-Loic Capricciosa are so exciting that I just have to share them.



out of office messages


August 28th


I am not here and I do not have time to answer mails. I’ll do that later.

By the time you read this i’ll be defying, with danger for my own life, the savage waves of the ocean. Head over heels, and sooner than expected, I set sail yesterday to the orange president’s country.

It was his lovely and beautiful wife, Melania, who asked me for help in a letter.

She wrote that there are almost no more fairy tales to be found in her country. She also wrote that it worried her a lot. Some letters of the letter had been smeared due to tears.

She didn’t have to ask me twice. For I am Jan-Loic Capricciosa, talented fairy tale comber and licensed dragon hunter. So I dipped my goose feather in a pot of royal blue ink and wrote her that help was already on the way.

With favorable winds I’ll be there within a few days.

Until then! Or like they say in Mangodouro: MBDKQavaTsjie Kdatta!

Jan-Loic Capricciosa

(Ps: The key is under the mat!)

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