Out of office messages from a fairy tale comber.


The out of office messages from my good friend and fairy tale comber Jan-Loic Capricciosa are so exciting that I just have to share them.


out of office messages

August 15,


I really don’t have time for you today. Because I have worked myself into a most troublesome situation here, on the other side of the world.

Hidden deep in draughty and dark passageways of an abandoned gold mine, I have to come up with a plan to outsmart Timo The Dragon. And there isn’t much time to come up with something, since I have to go pee. Rather urgently.

These could very well be my last words. Maybe this is farewell. Because I can’t promise you that I will still be amongst the living this time tomorrow.

Timo The Dragon is standing watch in front the only way out of this mouldy mine. And he is very determined to turn me into a sausage.

I know that because he said so himself earlier today, when I accidentally stepped on his tail.

“By the scales of the holy dragon, I’m going to grind you into peppered minced meat and turn you into a sausage,” he roared. And just to make sure I knew he meant it he breathed fire in contempt up to the heavens. A column of fire  close to a mile long.

And now I’m here, thinking of a way out. And my dragon equipment? Well, euhm, I don’t have it with me…


Maybe until then!

Or like they say in Mangodouro: Bikolo MBDKQavaTsjie Kdatta!

Jan-Loic Capricciosa,

Ps: The key is under the mat

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