Introducing: Discobar BI$AR.


Although we keep raising prices to ridicules heights: with bookings as far in the future as 2022, it seems as if everybody wants a piece of Discobar Bizar right now.

Meanwhile our team of highly dedicated engineers  keeps struggling with the Discobar-Bizar-DIY-box. Originally announced for january 2017 it now looks as we have to wait at least another year for the box to be fully functional, and capable of bringing some of our Bizar magic to your party.

In order to keep up with demand, and still totally convinced of the fact that D.J.’s, although essential to a party, should never think of themselves as more important than the genuine (recording) artists they play, we now proudly present:

Discobar BI$AR, our very own D.J. trainee program. The affordable Discobar Bizar alternative for your party!

$ stands for a hell of a lot cheaper! So that everybody has a chance to experience the magic. BIAR stands for the same old school ambience, the same dance-hall-days atmosphere, the same unique blend of music for young and old, the fast and the slow.

Being very dedicated to the quality of our undertakings: BI$AR entertainment is , at least in 2018, a BENELUX only opportunity.

Inquiries only via:

And don’t forget to dance from time to time!

bizar early days

picture: once trainees ourselves, with everything to learn.





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