Various positions of my fountain pen (4) Pen in a bottle.

various 4 bewerkt


My fountain pen

A trusted friend.

(Various positions is a permanent tribute 

to Leonard Cohen)

3 thoughts on “Various positions of my fountain pen (4) Pen in a bottle.

  1. Hey DB,

    Hoping your flow is a flow flowing forever forwards.
    From a never-ending fountain.
    Arcadia perhaps?



    ~ Pen Bottle Fountain~

    Merlin roared with laughter
    His humour warmed fire side.
    “It was never sealed my friend!”.
    He chuckled again knowingly.
    And continued.
    Not when one flips the stopper.
    Freely frees her fountain’s flutter.
    Else flare Her patterning
    Her fluttering of iridescent colour.
    Flattering Her fountain’s wings.
    Her Gold and Midnight Blue.
    Her almost violet hue.
    Should I reach?
    Or let her slide to me tilting?”
    Reach grasp the bottle.
    Flip Her stopper quicker.
    Deeply draw in Her sealed chamber
    Of inkless Air.
    “There’s nothing there!”
    I declare.
    “It’s bare!”
    “A void!”
    “No air!”
    Merlin toasting slowly by fire side.
    Crackled like springs fresh sap.
    “One Scribe is there in there.” said Merlin.
    “One fountain to forever lap.
    Tap trap breathe her air pearling.”
    “What air?”
    “I hear your doubt,” said Merlin.
    “Really?” I asked, “do you?”
    “Of course.”
    “And by reply,”
    “Have you considered tomorrow’s new dawn.”
    “Will Sun Rise tomorrow?” he asked.
    “Do you Think it will?” he pressed me.
    “Perhaps you Hope it is so?”
    “Or do you Know that it is probable?”
    “Highly possible and certainly so.”
    “There’s nothing there, no air!” I declare.
    “No Sun I know is coming.”
    “Draw-in what exactly?”
    “What air is so rare for bottling?”
    Breathless in sealed scented air.
    Breathless fountain when flowing
    Like the Sun rising.
    The Moon rising.
    As setting jewels each night.
    Around New Eden.
    Forever God’s reign.
    Flowing for eternity.
    In a Fountain Pen.
    Born breathless.
    For air.

    This series of posts is inspired thank you.

    Namaste 🙂



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