Various positions of my fountain pen (3) Tea pen

various 3 bewerkt


My fountain pen

A trusted friend.

(Various positions is a permanent tribute 

to Leonard Cohen)

6 thoughts on “Various positions of my fountain pen (3) Tea pen

  1. Hey DB,

    I was impelled to set pen to page but settled instead setting mouse to mouse-mat.

    Thank you DB.

    An inspired photograph inspiring your series. The word awesome applies. Thank you for sharing your flourish with flourish my friend.



    ~ A Thoughtful Brew ~

    Freshly brewed.
    Every time.
    Every post.
    Each line.
    A sip of Tea Pen.
    Freshly brewed as melody.
    With poetry
    Beautifully sculptured.
    Wax added lyrically.
    Indeed it looks so fine.
    Fountain Piercing Blue Hue With Pen And Brew.
    Stirring the warm Tea pot.
    For me a reader thirsty.
    Eager to taste and drink.
    Draw in evermore.
    Iris Tea Pen.
    Ah perfect!
    Thank you.
    Your post is an excellent brew.
    Brewing my brew.
    Thank you!
    And the image you draw..
    Draws the eye.
    So delightfully succinct.
    Cut as marble.
    Polished as wax.
    Your scalpel a Craft.
    A draft crafting your Tea Pen .
    This brew you brew DB?
    Would it come with cake?
    Or a small flake of tea?
    Perhaps served hot?
    Or cold?
    Or indifferently?
    With Sorcery?
    Already stirred?
    As a little magic.
    Brewing Tea Pen brew?
    “Your Leaf my friend?”
    “What tea would that be?”
    “Brewing your post?”.
    “The Tea Pen post I mean”
    “The Tea for Tea Pen post.”.
    “Tea Pen Tea?”
    “What is it exactly?”
    “It tastes so sweet!”
    “Music to my taste buds!”,
    “Thank you DB.”
    “It’s taste an opera!”
    “A cuppa for the World.”
    “To sit stir reflect upon.”
    “Tea Pen Tea.”
    “Flourished by Tea Pen words.”
    “Brewed in Tea Pen Teapot.”
    “Drunk in Tea Pen comments.”
    “Thank you Tea Pen Tea.”
    “Thank you Tea Pen.”

    Thank you DB. Your hospitality always exemplary. Your tea a treasure always a brew. Thank you.

    I shall take my leave inspired once more by you.

    Namaste 🙂



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